The Verdict on Crossfit

rich froning

A lot of people have asked me for an opinion on crossfit. What is it? Will it make me jacked? Will it make my muscles explode? Will I look like Rich Froning (pictured above, 3x Crossfit Games Champion) if I do crossfit?

Over the last several years crossfit has launched itself into the realm of religion-status. People who love it are fanatics. Crossfit is the best thing that ever happened to them. They don’t care much for the criticisms about it and they treat many other forms of training as a step down.
Still, there are the skeptics among you who aren’t convinced and are waiting for a quick and easy summary on this phenomenon that’s swept the globe. Here’s my take on it:

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Quotes to Live By


My high school wrestling coach had a huge impact on my life. Hell, I didn’t even want to join that team. I thought it’d be hard work. But my coach Mitch Chuvalo, son of Canadian legend George Chuvalo saw something in me that I still fail to see today. As my phys ed teacher, he grabbed me by the arm in the hallway and harassed me until I gave in to joining his damn team. And I was right. It was hard work and a load more on top of that. Nothing like that soap opera called pro-wrestling.

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Taking Action

 mark and elliott

Things don’t happen all on their own. Words do not magically form on the page, a pencil needs to be pushed. Muscles do not magically grow on your body, weights need to be lifted and adequate quantities of good food need to be consumed. Good deeds do not simply happen, you need to first conceive and nurture good thoughts. In order for anything to be learned, positive or negative, action needs to take place. Action allows us to make mistakes, action allows us to be successful, action allows us to live fully and thoughtfully.

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Best Workout for You – Educating Yourself


My vision of this website is to have multiple purposes, but one of the main ones that I’d like to highlight today is education.

I was first motivated to work out because my high school wrestling coach encouraged me to. He explained it would give me an advantage over the competition, which in my mind sounded like free money. I was working out based on the bits of information I got off of Men’s Health Magazine and Of course there are flaws with these are two resources, but they were a gateway into what I learned was a vast world of exercise knowledge. As I continued to explore websites, books and talk to friends about weightlifting and training, I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there. Often contradictory, confusing or too brief, I just wanted to know: What is the BEST workout?