Best Workout for You – Educating Yourself


My vision of this website is to have multiple purposes, but one of the main ones that I’d like to highlight today is education.

I was first motivated to work out because my high school wrestling coach encouraged me to. He explained it would give me an advantage over the competition, which in my mind sounded like free money. I was working out based on the bits of information I got off of Men’s Health Magazine and Of course there are flaws with these are two resources, but they were a gateway into what I learned was a vast world of exercise knowledge. As I continued to explore websites, books and talk to friends about weightlifting and training, I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there. Often contradictory, confusing or too brief, I just wanted to know: What is the BEST workout?

I now know that education is as much a process of filtering information as it is absorbing information. When it comes to technique points on an exercise there is often a right way and a wrong way. But, beyond that, there is an element of selection of the information you come across. This process involves two questions:

  1. What is the purpose of my training?
  2. What are the best tools to use to get me there?

The first question is one that no one should be able to answer for you. It won’t be handed to you on a platter. I’ll reveal my own reasons in a future article, and by all means look for inspiration there if you’d like. Or continue to read about other people’s reasons for working out. See if someone else’s reasons resonate with your own. They often will, and they can help you identify the purposes of your own training. But there is a difference between choosing to copy another person’s reasons and striving for a better understanding of yourself. I’m a big fan of the latter.

The second question is a tough one. This website will endeavor to give you the best tools. I hope it will be a one-stop shop for you to access the best of what we find on the web and we will undertake the enormous task of filtering out all the bullshit. There are a lot of “Top 10 Fitness Tips” articles out there that are a pure waste of time. We’ll also put up our own original posts as we’ve experienced and gone through a fair amount ourselves and we’d like to share some of what we now know.

But most importantly, it’s still up to you to combine the two questions and figure out what information is best suited for your purpose for training. I’m inviting you to think actively about what we deliver here at No Shortcuts. Contribute your opinion. I’m sure there’s plenty of knowledge out there that we are unaware of, so please comment and share your own useful links. There really isn’t a “Best Workout”. There are workouts that are more appropriate for different circumstances. But by settling on a “Best Workout” we are assuming that we can sit back and let the magic happen. In weightlifting, and in life, I’ve learned that I should never try to set myself on cruise control. The greatest accomplishments are achieved through challenging yourself and constantly struggling to find better and better ways of doing things. Let’s strive to learn more and do better.
NO shortcuts.


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