Write it Down!

          After working at an extremely busy gym for the past year and a half I could probably list over 50 things that you are doing wrong at the gym and still have some material left over. Fortunately for you I have truncated said list into one thing that I see people not doing at the gym that is making it hard for them to reach their goals. The reason that I have chosen one thing is that half of the people I know have self diagnosed ADHD and the other half actually do have ADHD.

          Everyone has expectations when they go to the gym to train. They expect to, amongst a plethora of expectations, gain muscle or lose fat or gain strength. There is however a gap between your expectations and your results which is known as the reality gap. Reality seems to be a place that not many people reside in nowadays, especially at a commercial gym. The reality is that if you are not exercising properly, keeping track of your workouts properly and not eating properly than you are not going to achieve the results that you desire. What follows is one simple tip to help you move closer to the results that you crave without having to delude yourself into thinking that taking that new pre workout is the missing link between your skinny self and becoming the next Ronnie Coleman. YEAAHHH BUDDY.


Fact: Dolph Lundgren once wrote in his journal: “I will be He Man” 

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Running Essentials: Everything You Need to Know About Barefoot Running and More


Running is a movement that everyone should be able to do. Getting from one place to another, with no inventions, no contraptions, no devices, running is simply the fastest and most natural way to do it. As kids, running felt completely natural. But somewhere along the way, right around the time our ability to squat well disappeared, our bodies became tight and imbalanced and due to lack of practice, our ability to run also died out.

I want to help you reclaim that ability. Running is a great way to exercise. It requires coordination and gets the heart and lungs working harder and stronger, but it’s also a highly technical skill so unless we’re doing it right, we run the risk of injury.

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Summer Workout Program

Here is a program designed for the summer. The time spent in the gym is minimal and meant to get you functionally strong. The program incorporates running outside, so hopefully you’re already comfortable with that but if not – don’t worry. The distances can be modified to gradually get you running more.

It’s a program I will use to train for the Tough Mudder and those of you on the No Shortcuts team can expect to confidently tackle the obstacle course by following this program. If you’re looking for a team to join, we’re welcoming members! And now you have a way to get in shape for it. For anyone else who just wants a training program, look no further!

Here’s what to expect:

  • Build lean muscle and full-body strength
  • Improved cardiovascular capacity
  • Effective time spent at the gym (no need to spend 5 days/week cooped up inside a gym when the sun is shining)
  • Ability to climb, crawl under and smash your way past 10 miles of obstacles
  • A 6-pack of abs in August or the faint beginnings of one (given the right nutritional food plan)

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