Write it Down!

          After working at an extremely busy gym for the past year and a half I could probably list over 50 things that you are doing wrong at the gym and still have some material left over. Fortunately for you I have truncated said list into one thing that I see people not doing at the gym that is making it hard for them to reach their goals. The reason that I have chosen one thing is that half of the people I know have self diagnosed ADHD and the other half actually do have ADHD.

          Everyone has expectations when they go to the gym to train. They expect to, amongst a plethora of expectations, gain muscle or lose fat or gain strength. There is however a gap between your expectations and your results which is known as the reality gap. Reality seems to be a place that not many people reside in nowadays, especially at a commercial gym. The reality is that if you are not exercising properly, keeping track of your workouts properly and not eating properly than you are not going to achieve the results that you desire. What follows is one simple tip to help you move closer to the results that you crave without having to delude yourself into thinking that taking that new pre workout is the missing link between your skinny self and becoming the next Ronnie Coleman. YEAAHHH BUDDY.


Fact: Dolph Lundgren once wrote in his journal: “I will be He Man” 

Tip of the Day: Write down your goals and keep track of your workouts!

          Writing down my goals has been something that I started to do about three years ago and the change that it has made in my life has been noticeable. I have been able to focus my energy on things that will help me achieve my goals and avoid spending time doing things that will not help me get to where I want to be. Writing down and reviewing your goals on a regular basis increases your chances of achieving those goals by 33%. That’s science motherfucker, or maybe math…let’s go with mience.

          Merely thinking about what you want to do is not good enough. you need to actually write down specific goals. Example: ‘I will bench 315 pounds by January 2015’. Not: ‘I want to be stronger’ or ‘I want to lose weight’. Being specific is extremely important as it does not allow you to make exceptions for yourself.

          When I first started weight training my coach told me to bring in three things to my first session: clear eyes, a full heart, and a notebook. Actually the first two are lies but he did tell me to bring in a notebook. This notebook was used to write down: my training plan consisting of sets, reps and weights used. By writing down my workouts I was able to keep track of strength gains in a very tangible manner. It also meant that every time I trained I was able to see whether or not I was becoming stronger and therefore more badass; which I was in case you were wondering. As a side benefit it is also very encouraging for me to look back on my old workouts now to see how much I have progressed over the last few years. This motivation has been invaluable to me as I, like everyone else, sometimes struggle with continuing to push towards my goals.

          Something that I did not do at the time but is something that you should do is keep track of your weight on a biweekly or monthly basis. This will allow you to see progress or regression regularly (relative to what your goals are) and will prevent you from deluding yourself. Keeping track of your training and weight simultaneously can cue you to external factors that may be affecting your results. For example if one week you notice that you have lost 10 pounds and you are weaker than the week before then you should start to look to external factors at play. For example you may have gone on a meth binge for three days which would explain the loss of weight and could also explain the deep sadness that you now carry inside of your heart.


If you do meth you will become Steve Buschemi…which is why I do meth. 

          Keeping track of your weight and training plan will show you how your diet, level of hydration and sleep quality can have a serious effect on your training. If you don’t write it down than you may never notice! 

          Writing down your goals is one of the best pieces of advice that I have ever received and I hope that you will start to do so after reading this article. It has made a difference in my life in terms of how successful I have been in the gym and in the rest of my life as well. You will be surprised by how much it changes your focus and drive especially as you go through periods where you fall off track or lose motivation. Remember never give up on your dreams and don’t do meth!


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