Get Hungry


       I watched a podcast the other day which featured Dr. Frank Bicsi. Dr. Bisci is an 85 year old man who looks 65. Here’s the link if anyone is interested.

       Dr. Bisci eats a completely raw diet and has preformed numerous feats of strength and endurance that make me feel like a pussy. At this point in his life you would assume that he has his mind made up regarding which style of training is best, what type of diet is best and how to optimally train his mind. You would be right. However, something that amazed me about Dr. Bisci is that he never professed to know more than the men, 30 years his junior, interviewing him. On numerous occasions he said that he was still learning every day. Here is a man who has been training his mind and body for over 60 years who says that he is still learning everyday. To me this is one of the most definite aims in my life. I want to be in a position 60 years down the line where I can say that I am still learning. 

What I got thinking about was what gets and keeps us hungry for the goals that we have set for ourselves. I came up with three things.




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3 Things To Learn From Joe Rogan

For those of you who don’t know Joe Rogan is a comedian who is also a commentator for the UFC and is well known by the public for being the host of Fear Factor.

Great show. Fun times for all. Many of you may also know, especially if you hang around Mark because he can’t shut his mouth about things he’s into, Joe Rogan does a podcast that is great. The Joe Rogan Experience. So what can we learn from this meat-brained misogynist? A lot actually, but I’m going to highlight 3 things that are relevant to anybody. Even you.

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