Don’t Punish Yourself

       Here is a conversation that I made up with my imagination.

       You: “Hey Mark, I am a normal human being and I have a 9-5 job so I don’t have enough time to workout.”

       Me: “Yes you do.”

       You: “I really don’t.”

       Me: “You’re just lazy.”

       You: “Yeah well at least I don’t live in my parents basement.”

       Me: “…”

        You: “Please don’t cry.”

       Me: “I’m not! someone must be chopping onions nearby.”

        You: “Yeah…I hate when that happens…”

        At this point we would part ways never to see each other again except for when you keep posting pictures of you walking your dog on Facebook and I keep inviting you to like my blog.

       The only difference is that you will start to get fat and I won’t. Harsh I know.

        So if you want to be not fat, look good in a suit/dress, and be attractive to the opposite sex here’s something you can do.

Don’t Use Training as a Punishment

       Your training should not be a punishment. It should be enjoyable. Crazy I know.

        Here’s another knowledge bomb for you:

       If you are eating like shit for the whole week one smoothie with broccoli and kale in it is not going to ‘detox’ your body.

        If you are sleeping for 5 hours a night all week one good night sleep on the weekend is not going to make you feel rested.

        If you are going out Friday and Saturday nights and slamming back tequila shots than you aren’t going to be working out on Sunday.

       Some of you are thinking: “Well yeah obviously”

       Some of you are probably going all Jon Locke and yelling “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”


        And the rest of you are thinking: “Why the hell would I listen to a guy who lives in his parents basement?”

       You all have good points.

       All I’m trying to say is that if your main habits (diet, sleeping patterns, and social life) are all out of whack, getting in shape is going to seem like a punishment.

       You will not be successful if this is how you view training.

       Strength training won’t be the most fun thing for everyone. Not everyone likes lifting heavy things and making loud noises. I get it.

        For those of you who fall under that category find a form of working out that you do enjoy. This could mean hiking, it could mean dancing, it could be tennis or jiujitsu. Just find something physically demanding that you enjoy and do it often


Rex Kwon Do changed my life.

       Find whole and healthy foods that you love and eat them consistently.

       If you like doing something you are going to do it more often. It’s as simple as that. As you progress in your training you may start to find satisfaction in doing things that make you uncomfortable and that are really hard, but at first focus on doing things that you enjoy.

       Challenge yourself to find a form of exercise that you like and start doing it this week. You never know where it will take you.


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