Keep it Simple


       I just finished an article by the original Underground Strength Coach Zac Even-Esh and it go me pretty fired up.

       Here is the link for all those interested. It is worth the read.

       The over arching theme was how to work bodybuilding techniques into conditioning workouts and he made many good points. However, one phrase in particular stood out to me: “The old school is the best school.”

       What Zac means by this is that ‘old school’ methods of getting big, strong, fast, and tough are the best methods. Heavy squats, dead-lifts, pushes, and pulls when done correctly i.e. aggressively and with intensity, provide the best training stimulus for the body.


Arnold keeping it simple at 19 years of age. 

        The reason that these methods are still around, albeit under a new title, is because they work. Balancing on a bosu ball and doing hot yoga is not going to make you stronger.

       Getting on the elliptical for an hour three times a week is not going to get you the abs that you have always dreamed of.

       The reason that we gravitate to these forms of training is that because they are easy and they provide us with an adequate sense of novelty in order to provide sufficient motivation. Doing the same thing difficult exercises over and over again is not appealing but it works. It is the simple exercises that you do and the simple meals that you eat, over a long period of time, that have the greatest impact how you look and feel.

       Keep your workout routine and nutrition simple and you will reap the rewards.

       Every good thing that has happened as a result of my training has been because of consistent and any time my training has stalled or I have not seen the results that I have wanted it has been because of a lack of consistency.

How to practice simplicity in your training

1. Choose a time to workout and stick with it.

       Not only should you have a time at which you consistently go to the gym you should find someone to workout with. 

       When you are accountable to another person you are less likely to make excuses and more likely to go to the gym. This means that you will go to the gym more often. This means that you will lose weight. This means that you will be all sexy and stuff.

2.   Keep your programming simple (no more than 4 exercises per session)

       Here is a sample program that you could do:

A     Deadlift 3×5

B1   Pushups 3x max

B2   Seated Row 3x 12, 10, 8

C1    Pullups 3x max

       4 Exercises. Simple. Effective.

        You could probably just do this one workout, three times a week, with increased intensity, and still get great results.

       There are very few secrets in the world of health and fitness. The simple stuff works but it isn’t easy. The old school is the best school.

Good Luck.


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