Squat Better – Be Less Fat

       I know you don’t skip leg day. I know you squat. I know you go ass to grass. I know you have perfect form. And by ‘I know’ I mean ‘You are a dirty lying son of a jackal’.

I see this guy at the gym all the time

       Without even seeing you squat I have a feeling that it needs some work. Even if you think that you have the squat of a Chinese street vendor you probably don’t. One of the biggest reasons that people do not see strength or mass gains even thought they are preforming compound lifts is that they aren’t preforming the lifts correctly. If you want to keep your back healthy, lift heavy, get bigger, lose weight or any combination of those things than squatting properly is going to help you do that.

       I am going to give you two mobility exercises to do that will instantly make your squat better.

       But before I do that I am going to suggest that you videotape yourself squatting or get someone who knows more than you to watch you squat so you have an idea of whats going on. Knowing is half the battle!

1. Ankle Mobility

       When you squat your ankles need to dorsi flex. This means that your foot is getting closer to your shin. If you don’t have adequate ankle mobility, and most people don’t, then you are going to end up doing all kinds of things to make up for this limitation. Usually your torso is going to pitch forward, your squat won’t reach parallel, and your back will round over. All these things are bad. They will lead to injury and they will limit the gains that you receive from doing this demanding exercise.

       Here is an excellent video on how to prep your ankles before squatting.


2. Lacrosse Ball in your butt.

       Your gluteals take a pounding. Let me rephrase that. Your ass gets tight and you need to loosen it up. One more time. You should stick a lacrosse ball in your ass.


       So there you have it, two highly effective ways to get yourself prepped for squatting. They don’t take very long to complete but they get the job done and you will notice a distinct before and after difference.

Good Luck!


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