The Ultimate Post Workout Shake

The Ultimate Intra/Post Workout Shake

       Supplements are exactly what they claim to be. They simply are supplements to a diet that is giving you the proper amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that you need to survive.


I’ll have what he’s having

       Supplements are great if you are having trouble getting all the vitamins and minerals that you need in your regular diet or consuming all the calories you need to gain weight. However do not think that supplements are the key to getting big and strong or losing weight.

       Taking a fat burner when your diet is a wreck is like building a boat out of rotten wood and using gold nails to hold it together. The nails look all fancy and shiny but your boat is going to sink and you are going to get fat. I stole this anaology from Paul Chek. I’m sure he won’t mind. 

       With that disclaimer out of the way here is the concoction that I have used in the past during my workouts and immediately after my workouts in order to put on size fast.


       Creatine has gotten a worse rap than O.J. Simpson over the years. But unlike OJ Simpson; Creatine is innocent.

       It is said that Creatine will damage your kidneys. Not true.


       It is said that Creatine will make you fat. Also not true.


       It is said that Creatine will turn you into a Swolasaurus Rex. This is true.


       Creatine is a great supplement to use if you are doing any type of body building or strength style training. It increases your bodies ability to produce ATP which is the type of energy that you use when lifting heavy things.

       Simply put, it will give you the energy to grind out extra reps and add a few pounds to your lifts. This translates into slabs of muscle on your scrawny frame.

       Creatine is probably not that helpful if you are just doing endurance based activities, but who does that? People who don’t want to get as ripped as a piece of paper that I just ripped up into tiny pieces. Fools.

       I personally use Fusion Purple K Creatine. It comes in capsule form. It does not require you to measure anything. It is easy to take. It also comes in a purple bottle and you can tell your mom that you are taking steroids and freak her out.

Waxy Maize/Vitargo

       When you are pumping iron you are not only getting the feeling of cumming you are also depleting your muscles glycogen stores. Glycogen is the main source of energy for your body when you are training.

       Glycogen stores need to be replenished during and after a workout if you want to gain muscle. If you are working out and not giving your body the fuel that it needs right away you are missing out on some serious gains.

       If you have reached the point where you are training hard and eating plenty but still seeing no strength or muscle gains than you should consider taking a carbohydrate supplement like Vitargo or Waxy Maize.

       Vitargo is honestly the tastiest supplement out there. It’s like drinking a popsicle that is made of Human Growth Hormone. It is a bit pricey but it’s probably worth it.

       Waxy Maize is the ugly sibling of Vitargo. No matter how much makeup it puts on it still looks like a piece of pizza with facial features scrapped onto it. It tastes like pancake mix with cardboard added to it. However, it is considerably cheaper than Vitargo and from what I can tell it gets the job done. 

What I do is I buy Waxy Maize and then mooch Vitargo off whoever I workout with.

       Choose wisely.


       There are those that love guns and those that hate them. In the end they can still shoot things.

       There are those that love BCAA’s and those that hate them. In the end they still seem to get you jacked.

       That may be the worst analogy that I have ever come up with.

       At this point I have basically given up and as such I am now going to quote

       “Dieting is catabolic, which means it can lead to muscle breakdown, for several reasons. The leaner a body gets, the more likely it is to lose muscle mass as the body tries harder and harder to hold onto body fat stores. In doing so, the body will turn to muscle to satisfy its energy needs.

       The basic idea is that if you are dieting your body is going to start eating your muscle in order to keep your body running. BCAA’s or Branch Chain Amino Acids for you smarty pants sciencey people out there will help to keep your body in an anabolic state. This is important because in an anabolic state your body is rebuilding itself, rejuvenating and repairing broken down tissue. Working out with heavy things is catabolic, your body is breaking down. BCAA’s will help you to keep in an anabolic state during and after a workout thereby insuring that you do not lose muscle mass from training; which would be a disaster.

       Here’s a tip. Don’t buy the unflavoured BCAA’s. They taste like metal. Not even kidding.

       So there you have it. A muscle building shake for the ages. I normally ingest half of this shake during the first half of my workout and then finish the rest immediately upon finishing.

       This keeps me energized, anabolic, and ready to take on the world! NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW!


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