Two strength and conditioning coaches based out of Toronto, Canada, we wanted to create a comprehensive fitness resource. Pooling together our own experiences along with the best of what we see on the internet, No Shortcuts is your gateway to achieving whatever fitness goals you have. Whether increasing strength, building solid muscle, shedding some fat or attaining a higher level of athletic performance for sports, we’re here to guide you and take on that journey with you.

Ivan Hui


An outdoor enthusiast, Ivan grew up playing a variety of sports. Growing up, he wrestled, played rugby, soccer and a few other sports. He is currently involved in the sport of Dragonboat racing and recently was a member of Storm, a Top 5 Canadian team that qualified for the IDBF World Championships. He seeks out new knowledge to constantly improve his own training methods and ideas. He believes in exercise and the power it can have on all other aspects of someone’s life. He is passionate about fitness and using strength training as a method to improve both physical and mental health.

Mark Novak


Starting out in the world of fitness can be a daunting task for any individual. There is a tremendous amount of poor advice being shoved in the faces of newcomers for every tiny nugget of good information that exists. Luckily as Mark began training for triathlons he had access to excellent coaching at one of Toronto’s premier strength and conditioning gyms.

Quickly realizing the positive effect that a well balanced strength program could have on him both physically and mentally he made it his mission to share the good news with others just setting out on the path to greater strength and health.

After becoming a coach himself over a year ago, Mark has attended courses all across North America and obsessively soaks up information whenever he has the chance. His main goal is to share with others the steps they need to take to reach their goals and to motivate them to always seek self improvement.


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