epic meal time
We all know a bit about the importance of protein. But just how important is it? Let me tell you – very important. Not just for meatheads looking to gain muscle, this macronutrient is vital for keeping your body healthy and functioning well. Read on to learn more about this magical substance.

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An Incomplete but Amusing Guide to Carbohydrates


          Now I am not a nutritionist or a dietician or a magician, but I can quickly let you in on a trick that will change you from a plump chump to a yoked bloke. That was possibly the lamest sentence that I have ever written in my life but forget about it; let’s move on. What I want to talk about is the role that Carbohydrates play in relation to your body composition and the difference between a ‘good’ carb and a ‘bad’ carb. 

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How To Look Better

I must crush you

            People are constantly asking me for advice regarding nutrition, what exercise plan they should be following, and how they can either gain muscle, lose fat or do both at the same time. 

            While everyone is unique and must carefully consider what is right for their body when it comes to training and nutrition, there are three things that I would advise most people to do if they want to be in better shape. 

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