4 Stretches You Need to Do

This post is not meant to prove one stretching technique right or wrong it will simply show you which stretches you should be doing on a daily basis to improve your athletic performance and quality of life. Doing the stretches mentioned will make a difference in your training, and if you hate stretching or mobilizing make sure you at least add these ones in to your routine! Something, in this case, is better than nothing.

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Are You Bad at Something? Do it More.


       It is natural to enjoy that which we excel at doing. I love doing things that I am good at. I am good at ping pong, pullups and eating icecream. There is a reason for this.  I do all three things often. I do them often because I am good at them. I am good at them because I do them often. And so on and so forth.

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Ferris Bueller, Kobe Bryant and Frank Yang on Meditation


       My sister got married this past weekend and it was an amazing celebration for  two of the people who are in my top 20 list of couples I love the most. In case you were wondering Kim and Kanye are number one with Morgan Freeman and his step granddaughter close on their heels at number two.

      Weddings are an amazing time to reflect on the life of another person, where they have come from, what they mean to others close to them, and who they have become. This type of reflection is very important in our lives as it allows us to take stock of who we have become and where we are headed. 

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World’s Top 5 Sports

With the World Cup going on I’ve been thinking a lot about soccer (football) and the nature of sports. There are some people who just can’t get into watching soccer *Mark* and that’s cool too. (No it’s not, leave the forest fire alone for just a day will ya?) With such a wide range of sports in the world, you’re bound to try out and enjoy watching a few in your lifetime. Sports are fascinating and a huge part of culture, not only for entertainment. They’re a testament to physical talent and mental drive, and sheer human willpower is often what it comes down to.
So what’s the best sport in the world? How do we even compare?

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Why You Need Direction



I’ve been trying to write a post on how fat is actually a good thing to include in your diet, but that was really boring. So I decided to post something that is much different.

I was recently talking to my cousin who had achieved a goal that he had set for himself 5 years ago. We talked briefly about the importance of persistance and how it was a key element to him reaching the destination that he set for himself. However, persistance is a by product of having a concrete direction for yourself. It is what happens when you find a ‘why?’ to direct your life with. It is extremely hard to be persistant in pursuing something that you don’t really want. In fact I believe that it is impossible.

I came across a journal entry from almost a year ago that captures my thoughts on having a direction.

Here it is.

July 8, 2013

It’s easy to get caught up in the wave that we call life.

It’s easy to let external circumstances dictate what we do and what we achieve.

To go against the waves requires dedication, perserverance and a workmanlike attitude.

It is not glamourous. It does not always attract much attention. It is not always fun.

Flair and finesse is not required. What is required is a target that you want to get to more than anything.

When the waves start craching over your head and the current starts to drag you back it’s easy to let go and to give up.

It is at those times that your destination becomes your real and tangible motivation.

You don’t know how long it’s going to take to get to where you’re going, and you don’t know how much you’re going to have to sacrifice. But you do know WHY you’re going.

That WHY is all you need.

That why pushes you on when others stay stop.

That why makes you do one more rep.

That why gives you direction when you feel lost and confused.

That why comforts you when you feel weak and stupid.

That why is your purpose, direction and drive.

Without it you are lost at sea, adrift amongst the masses.


“He who has a why can endure any how”

– Friedrich Nitzsche