4 Stretches You Need to Do

This post is not meant to prove one stretching technique right or wrong it will simply show you which stretches you should be doing on a daily basis to improve your athletic performance and quality of life. Doing the stretches mentioned will make a difference in your training, and if you hate stretching or mobilizing make sure you at least add these ones in to your routine! Something, in this case, is better than nothing.

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Glutes: Is Your Ass on Fire?


A while ago, I read an article about “the plague of the mediocre athlete”: no glutes. It’s a pretty good read, and although I don’t agree with everything in it, the general message rings true. Our gluteals are dead. They’ve become inactive from too much sitting. We need to wake them up again, since even our most basic movements require their use. Most of us are walking or moving around every day without using our glutes. How did this happen? What’s wrong with our bodies? How do we fix it? If we do all the right things, we might just regain the ability to tap into the power of our glutes again. As a bonus, this would boost our speed and athletic ability, enabling our hips to work the way they should. And for the ladies, I think you’ll be happy with the results once you’ve got your glutes fired up.

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Bro Do You Even Warmup?

            Something that I think gets neglected far too often in most workout routines is a proper warmup. But before I start just a heads-up; taking a pre workout does not count as warming up, riding the stationary bike for 5 minutes listening to the 300 soundtrack does not count as a warmup, and flexing in the mirror in the change room does not count as a warmup.

            A proper warmup should consist of mobilization and stabilization drills specific to the exercises that you intend on performing that day. This means that you should probably have a plan before you go to the gym. If this seems too complicated fear not, wandering around the gym doing bicep curl variations requires no warmup at all. All that you need is a shirt with the sleeves removed and instagram.


                                    If you can do this don’t bother reading this article.

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The Big Three – Part 2: Squat


What is a Squat?

            To squat or not to squat. That’s a rhetorical question right? Because of course you should squat, humans have been doing it for millions of years.


Literally ATG (ass to grass)

            If you travel to most any country in Asia you will notice almost immediately that there are a large number of men and woman who have assumed the squat position and are usually attempting to sell you massages, unidentified meats and/or drugs. This position seems as natural to them as sitting on a couch watching American Idol is to us Westerners. However this type of squat, which is used for rest, is different from a heavy barbell squat which requires the entire body to be under constant tension for the duration of the exercise. The loaded squat is the exercise that we will be briefly discussing today. Continue reading