Breaking Up 101

       I have gone through two breakups in my life and through them I have learned some very valuable lessons.

       Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are going through a breakup…

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Start With Why


       I am reading a book at the moment by Simon Sinek, called ‘Start With Why’.

       It is focused on business and entrepreneurship at the moment, but it’s lessons can be applied to anything.

       Sinek writes that business’ that focus on WHY they do what they do, and not WHAT they produce or HOW they do it, are the ones that are the most successsful.

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Look Good in a Suit 101

       A lot of people I know are starting to reach that stage in their lives where they have to wear suits to work. It seems like it really sucks. However I have to admit that when the occasion presents itself and I am obligated to put one on I feel like Jason Statham that one time he  was driving a car and then all of a sudden he was in a crazy high speed chase and there is a really hot girl with him and he is all badass and stuff. I can’t remember which movie it is though…oh wait…all of them. 

Prettay prettay prettay good. 

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How to Do a Pullup


Ivan, age 7, training in Russia

       Spending the majority of your life under 90 pounds means that you take some things for granted. Being able to do as many pull-ups as you want is one of those things. It has been recently brought to my attention that not everyone can do pull-ups. Apparently, they aren’t easy. Apparently, I am an ass for insinuating that they are. Apparently, I am belittling people who are trying their best.

       I would have to agree. Because as Nelson Mandela once said: “You are not as good as me if I can do more pull-ups than you.”

Pretty sure he’s talking about burpees

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Pull-ups and Beyonce

       It all started when I was born. The way I’ve been told it, a gangly yet elegant stork dropped me gently on the doorstep of my unsuspecting parents. I summoned the strength that only a day old baby has and pulled myself up on the side of the basket to take a look at my new home. I was pleased. 

      This was my first pull-up. Ever since that fateful day I have been a great believer in the strength and mass building superiority of the pull-up to most other upper body exercises.

This is me doing my first pull-up at 1 day old.

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